1. 2. 2021

BOMMA Keeps the myhive Flexi Offices Bright

Lighting can have a deep impact on the atmosphere of a space, which is why we were very careful when we selected the interior design of myhive Flexi Offices. Once you enter the reception, you will notice the stylish light fixture made by the renowned Bomma glassmakers from Světlá nad Sázavou.

The Bomma glassworks was established in 2012 thanks to the hard work of leading Czech glassmakers and designers. From the very beginning, they have prided themselves on their level of traditional craftsmanship, which they blend with modern technologies. They shape their products according the contemporary design dictates and their luxury light fixtures, vases, or hand-blown crystal objects have made them a leader in the field of artistic glass not only in the Czech Republic, but abroad as well. The myhive Flexi Offices feature unique pendant lights from their Soap collection, which was inspired by soap bubbles in all their wonder and are made out of hand-blown glass without using a mold.