10. 2. 2021

Offices Unlimited Are Fitted With Master & Master Furniture

All of Offices Unlimited’s spaces showcase furniture by contemporary designers, such as the shelving systems and original pieces by Master & Master, a company founded by the creative duo Luděk Šteigl and Ondřej Zita from Zábřeh na Moravě. Luděk and Ondřej have been creating modern, impeccably designed furniture since 2012.

People love their distinctive style, which combines clear lines and precision craftsmanship, and their products have found success all over the world. Whether it’s their shelves, clothing racks, or tables, their pieces will elevate your work corner at home as well as your company office. Come and see for yourself—some of Offices Unlimited’s spaces are furnished with minimalist pieces by Master & Master, adding to their brightness and airiness.

“We have long relied on high-quality craftmanship and innovative design defined by subtle simplicity. We’re very happy that our minimalist and functional furniture has found a home at Offices Unlimited, where it perfectly complements the interiors designed by the Ateliér SAD studio and the pictures on the walls by leading Czech artists,” says Ondřej Zita. Last year, the Master & Master brand won the Czech Grand Design award and collaborated with renowned Czech designers, such as Jiří Pelcl, Lucie Koldová, Herrmann & Coufal, or Jan Čapek.