18. 4. 2023

Offices Unlimited Provides a Lively, Inspiring Environment

The Offices Unlimited provider of flexible offices offers a high standard working environment and support services. All four of OU’s branches are always lively, and tenants can take advantage of an interesting program even after the working day is done.

Networking breakfasts are now offered on a regular basis. Once a month, tenants at each branch can begin the day with an informal get-together with colleagues working in various fields, make new contacts and strengthen older ones, inspire one another, and share their visions. “The warm, homey atmosphere of these meetings, where we also serve some homemade treats, has made the breakfasts very popular. Some colleagues have even discovered a passion for baking, while others are building on years of experience,” happily states Marie Kantorová, consultant at Offices Unlimited.

Offices Unlimited also offers a number of activities after working hours. At myhive Flexi Offices, those interested can use the exercise room in the building with weekly yoga, pilates, and interval training classes. The Mortal Kombat tournament co-organized by Neon IT and Searpent s.r.o., and wine tasting provided by Gappex, both held at this branch, were resounding successes. “We will be happy to repeat similar events in other branches in the future,“ promises Kantorová.